Compliance Program
"Competition Law Compliance Program" has been published.

The experience gained by the Competition Authority as a result of its activities for 14 years, shows that sometimes undertakings or associations of undertakings are not aware that they have infringed competition rules whose frame is drawn by the Competition Act No. 4054. In fact, if undertakings or associations of undertakings have knowledge about competition infringements beforehand, many problems such as severe administrative sanctions can be prevented.

Within this framework, Competition Law Compliance Programs that are applied in many countries in order to raise the awareness of undertakings or associations of undertakings about competition rules can ensure the prevention of competition infringements before they occur. Compliance programs can be defined as the practices or the set of corporate regulations and rules that enable undertakings or associations of undertakings to monitor themselves in terms of competition law. In other words, compliance programs are consisted of methods showing the measures that undertakings or associations of undertakings use to avoid actions and decisions violating the competition legislation and how those measures are applied in the organization.

"Competition Law Compliance Program" is prepared by the Competition Authority with the aim of guiding undertakings and associations of undertakings while they are preparing their own compliance programs and includes answers to possible questions about compliance programs.

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